How does payment work?

Hourly minimums, pricing, tipping and using the time that you've rented.


  • 2+ Hours: $30 per Son/hour
  • 2+ Hours in Massachusetts: $35 per Son/hour

Tipping: Your call on what you want to tip the Sons (if at all). If they deserve it and you want them specifically to come back, we recommend tipping! The average tip is $20/Son for landscaping/junk removal/handy projects and $40/Son for painting/moving/event assistance.

How Many Sons?: You can rent as many Sons as you like starting with a minimum of one (although we recommend 2 or more for most jobs)

Minimum Hours: we require that all jobs are a minimum of 2 hours per Son (subject to limited exceptions outlined below)

Use What You Rent: You pay for the time you rent. If the job ends early, give the sons another project, there has to be something! If the job goes longer, check with the Builder or Senior Son on the job to see if they can accommodate staying longer. If they aren’t able to finish, they may have to come back another day.

**Limited Exceptions - Less than 1 Hour Jobs**: $45 per Son, must be one specific single task (i.e. clean the kitchen, move the couch, etc.). The "Use What You Rent" principle does not apply to jobs of less than 1 hour. If the job is more than one task or more than 1 hour, Rent Sons will bill for the regular 2 hour minimum. Less than 1 hour jobs are not available in Massachusetts, except Bristol County.