How should I prepare for the Sons?

Make a list, tell them your goals and time frame.

We want your experience to be exceptional. That’s our business. The best way to do so is to prepare well for the Sons. Here are some tips to make sure everything goes well.

  1. Tools - Make sure they have the appropriate tools. If you give them a mini screwdriver when they really need a drill, the job will take much longer than needed. This is especially true with landscaping and handy projects.
  2. Make a List - Give the Sons/Daughters a list of exactly what you want done with goals. For example, Task - mulch the garden. Goal is to use all of the mulch. Make your expectations very clear so you’re on the same page. Don’t assume they will know. This is especially true for things you want them to pay close attention to. At my house, I always make sure the Sons don't pull the mint from the garden!
  3. Picture Updates - Tell the Sons if you want picture updates. If you’re at work and are curious about their progress, they can send you pictures to make you feel like you're there.
  4. Give a Timeframe - The Sons will let you know if its realistic to complete the project or not
  5. Have a Plan B Job - You pay for the time you rent, so its always best to have a second job for them to finish off the remaining time.
  6. Tipping - At the end of the day, tipping is up to you! If you loved the Sons/Daughters and recognized their hard work, they are allowed to accept tips. You may tip with cash at the end of the job or we can add it to the invoice for you!