Interior Painting Estimate

Do you need a rough idea of how long your paint job will take?

Oh, changing colors in a new room? Or maybe the outside of your home? Great! This is a very exciting time and you want things done right. We love being part of this experience with you. 

If your paint job is bigger than a room, we recommend the local Community Builder comes by and checks out your job. That way, we all feel confident you’ll get the results you want.

First things first, when painting a room, the details matter and are what take the most time. Rolling a big open wall is actually the quickest part. It’s the closets, windows, and built in pieces that take the time. Therefore, it’s important to estimate a room section by section.

For reference, a normal sized bedroom (12 ft x 15 ft) changing color with a closet, a door, two windows, base board and trim take about 27 hours to paint and move objects in and out of the room. Crazy, huh?!

Here is how it breaks down. We're going to look at each section as one coat. Depending on the color change and if anything needs to be primed says how many coats we will need. 

Step 1. Prep: Assuming no priming (which needs to been done on wood, metal, or plaster board) it takes 4 hours to lightly sand and wipe down the walls with a wet rag as well as move all furniture and paper the floors. Sanding insures the paint sticks which is very important for humid rooms.

Step 2. Ceiling: A ceiling takes about 2.5 hours/coat. You have to go around with a brush and cut in the walls and then roll the ceiling. A ceiling will need 2 coats = 5 hours.

Step 3. Trim: Each window section takes 1 hour and all base board + trim takes 1 hour/coat.

Step 4: Walls: 4 hours to paint and cut all walls/coat.

Step 5. Clean up: 2 hours for clean up and moving furniture back into the room.

*If priming an area, it will need 3 coats, if painting, 2 coats. ONLY if it’s the exact same color with the exact same shine, it will only need one coat.

So for a standard size room let’s do the math.

Prep: 4 hours
Ceiling: 5 Hours (2.5h/coat)
Windows: 4 hours (1h/coat)
Trim: 4 hours
Walls: 8 hours
Clean up: 2 hours

TOTAL - 27 Son Hours

The job may go faster, but it’s best to know worst case scenario so you’re not surprised how long it’s taking. In the end, we just charge however long the job takes! If you'd like a quote, Its best to go with a professional. We give estimates, not quotes.

You can skip steps to make it go faster but you know what happens when you do that! You fall down the stairs :D